Sunday 29 May 2016

One Mini Every Week #21

Unfortunately, I didn't get chance to paint any miniatures last week (largely due to me getting the latest map-pack ready for release) - but I'm back on track this weekend with another 'orc' miniature for my band of Darklings...

Like the other miniatures that I'm using for Age of Shadow Darklings (i.e. the half-breed spies first mentioned in the Alegin & Elmina adventure), this guy is another orc from Ral Partha Europe's Armalion/DSA range, as I really like the look of these guys.

- a pic of all the 'orcs' I've pained thus far -

Wednesday 25 May 2016

Mine Geomorph #10 (patreon funded)

Thanks to the kind folks supporting the Dungeon Monthly project over on Patreon I've managed to squeeze in another bonus 'mine geomorph' this month...

And just in case you were wondering what these might look like when you piece them all together- here's an example layout featuring all 10 of these bonus maps*

(*note that at least one of these bonus geomorphs are created each month in addition to the regular 'dungeon monthly' maps)

Tuesday 24 May 2016

WWII Combat Map 01

I am very pleased to announce the release of my first World (or Weird) War 2 themed map...

-front cover-

This map depicts a single encounter area that is suitable for use in most WWII style games, and comes in the following formats.
  • A pdf file containing a labelled version of the map and a miniatures scaled battlemap.
  • An unlabelled jpg file (for use with VTTs)
  • A PNG file with a transparent background.

-a scaled down version of the jpg file-

Combat Map 01 is available from RPGNow, DriveThruRPG, and WargameVault for just $1.99

-a photograph of the map in action-

Tuesday 17 May 2016

One Mini Every Week #20

Another week, another mini...

...though I've been having some trouble photographing this one - as the 'matt' varnish has dried slightly shinier than usual :(

Anyway, like the other orcs I've been painting recently, this one is from Ral Partha Europe (part of the Armalion range), and I've still got a few of these guys left to paint - however I might just paint one more (i.e. a leader type) before moving on to something a little more interesting :)

Monday 9 May 2016

One Mini Every Week #19

After last week's disaster (where everything I attempted to paint ended up in the paint stripper) I thought I would keep it simple this week, and slap some paint on another orc...

Once again, this mini is from Ral Partha Europe (or at least that's where you can get it in the UK) - and is part of the Armalion range ...which I'm particularly fond of :)

* * *

In addition to the above orc, I've also been trying to make a few bits of WWII (or weird war) scatter terrain from bits of junk...

...and these are my successful prototypes (note that the sandbags I attempted didn't work out at all) - and I'll be happy to post some step-by-step pics if folks are interested to learn how I made them.

And that's it for this week!

Sunday 8 May 2016

Mine Geomorph #9 (patreon funded)

Thanks to the guys supporting me over on Patreon, it's time for another little mine geomorph!

(note that all of these bonus geomorphs can also be found in THIS album over on google+)

Sunday 1 May 2016

One Mini Every Week #18

Unfortunately, this week's mini's didn't go according to plan - so I've failed to get anything painted this week they're currently sitting in some paint stripper :(

Note that these are some WW2 commandos, as I'm currently toying with the idea of starting a new range of WW2 maps ...a prototype for which is pictured below:

Dungeon Monthly #41 (May 2016)

It's a new month ...and that must mean that it's time for another dungeon map:

I also have to admit that it's hard to believe that I'm almost half way through this year's project (how time flies) and that it's May already.

Anyway, as usual, my thanks go out to all the folks supporting the project over on Patreon (where you can tip a dollar or more - and spur me on to create even more of these maps), and I'll also point out that you can get unlabelled versions of all these maps in the following G+ albums: