Tuesday 25 February 2020

Hobbystreak 2020 (February)

As I mentioned last month ...I've been having a go at the #hobbystreak challenge - where I attempt to do something miniatures related every single day :) (it doesn't need to be much - just priming one model will do).

Anyway, I'm not sure if I'll be able to keep it up much longer (I might have to revert to a 'one mini every week' challenge instead ...like I did a few years back) - but here's what I got done these past 4 weeks...

The 'statues' are more GW models from issue one of that 'mortal realms' magazine that I picked up earlier in the year ...as is the 'chainrasp' on the right.

The two skeletons on the left are from Warlord Games (they are a bit fragile, and a bit of a pain to put together - but they do look quite nice). The guy in the middle is another 'chainrasp' - and the mini on the right is another of the Warlord skellies ...but this time I've tried to make it look like a 'fossil skeleton' from the Barrowmaze adventure/campaign.

Top: two more Warlord skeletons on either side, and a mantic skeleton in the middle (with a head swap ...the head being a strange smiling skull from the Warlord sprue).

Bottom: yet more chainrasps.

Left: A mantic skeleton - painted up as a 'black skeleton' from barrowmaze (this one didn't turn out very well :( ).

Middle: Metal stirge models from Reaper Miniatures.

Right: Another plastic Warlord skelly.

* * * *

So yeah, that's 31mini's painted this year so far ...which, I have to admit, is really good going for me!

Friday 21 February 2020

VTT Maps for February

Here's a quick look at the two (large) map tiles that I've drawn this month...

...and here's a small example of them pieced together (with a few of the other VTT tiles) to make a small cave map.

As usual, I've added both of them to the (ever expanding) library of maps in THIS album - as well as organising them slightly better over on GOOGLE DRIVE.

So, here's hoping you like these latest additions!

Thursday 20 February 2020

Print & Paste Terrain : Wheels, Looms, and Stoves

My latest 'print & paste' pieces are based on the results of a poll I put up over on the Patreon page ...and, as you can see I've gone with looms, stoves, and spinning wheels :)

However, despite each individual step being pretty easy, there are a lot of steps that go into making the spinning wheel - so to avoid 'information overload' I've split the episode into two parts - the first of which focuses entirely on the spinning wheel...

Then, when you want to move on to the next pieces, you can find the instructions for the loom and the stove in part 2...

And while the spinning wheel and (especially) the loom aren't super accurate representations of their real-world counterparts - I think they work well enough for the tabletop (hopefully, you'll agree :) ).

Anyway, as always HERE's the link to the (pay what you want) pdf file over on DriveThuRPG, and here's hoping you like 'em!