Tuesday 25 February 2020

Hobbystreak 2020 (February)

As I mentioned last month ...I've been having a go at the #hobbystreak challenge - where I attempt to do something miniatures related every single day :) (it doesn't need to be much - just priming one model will do).

Anyway, I'm not sure if I'll be able to keep it up much longer (I might have to revert to a 'one mini every week' challenge instead ...like I did a few years back) - but here's what I got done these past 4 weeks...

The 'statues' are more GW models from issue one of that 'mortal realms' magazine that I picked up earlier in the year ...as is the 'chainrasp' on the right.

The two skeletons on the left are from Warlord Games (they are a bit fragile, and a bit of a pain to put together - but they do look quite nice). The guy in the middle is another 'chainrasp' - and the mini on the right is another of the Warlord skellies ...but this time I've tried to make it look like a 'fossil skeleton' from the Barrowmaze adventure/campaign.

Top: two more Warlord skeletons on either side, and a mantic skeleton in the middle (with a head swap ...the head being a strange smiling skull from the Warlord sprue).

Bottom: yet more chainrasps.

Left: A mantic skeleton - painted up as a 'black skeleton' from barrowmaze (this one didn't turn out very well :( ).

Middle: Metal stirge models from Reaper Miniatures.

Right: Another plastic Warlord skelly.

* * * *

So yeah, that's 31mini's painted this year so far ...which, I have to admit, is really good going for me!

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