Saturday 26 March 2016

One Mini Every Week #13

As I mentioned last time, this week sees a return to painting some of the metal miniatures that I've had lying around for a while...

...and, as you can see, I've managed to get three guys painted this week (though I would have liked to do more, as I wanted to use them as the 'half-breed spies' in one of the scenarios from the Encounters in the Northlands booklet - but three turned out to be enough for the game I was running).

The miniatures themselves are available from Ral Partha Europe  (there are no pictures of them on their website, but I believe that these are the three 'red moon orcs' listed at the top of THIS PAGE) ...and I have to say that I'm rather fond of them. Sure, they might not be the most detailed mini's in the world, but they are perfect for what I want to use them for :)

* * *

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Monday 21 March 2016

One Mini Every Week #12

Over the weekend I managed to splash some paint on another of my Reaper Bones mini's for this week's project:

The mini itself is a 'Snakeman Warrior' ...and it's a nice little sculpt (well it's not that little - as is stands around 2" tall) ...and should work well as a nasty fellgrim monster I'm planning on unleashing on my players :)

However, this will probably be the last of the Reaper Bones figures I'll be painting for a while, as I'm planning on getting back to work on some of my unpainted metal miniatures - in particular, a little orc raiding party.

* * *

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Monday 14 March 2016

One Mini Every Week #11

Seeing as how I seem to find myself slightly ahead of the 'paint one miniature every week' goal yet again (as I painted 3 mini's last week), I thought I would have a go at making some more scatter terrain...

(note that the white 'filler' isn't quite so overpowering in real life)

This particular piece is just a little test to see how things go - and I've tried to make it without applying any paint (except to paint the base brown before flocking) - giving it the look of a wall that's made with lime mortar.

For those that might be interested in knowing how I made it basically has a core made from a paper towel soaked in watered down PVA (like the STALAGMITES I made previously) - which is then based on a bit of vinyl floor tile that's been cut to shape.

Once it had dried, I glued on some aquarium gravel (as seen in my WALL tutorial), and filled in the gaps with a bit of cheap wall filler.

Then all that was left to do was add some flock and a few bushes cut from the same 'grass mats' I used when making strips of BOCAGE.

(once again - the 'filler' isn't quite so in your face in person)

So, all in all, it was pretty easy to make, and I think I might make a couple more of them for a 'wilderness' set of scatter terrain (perhaps taking some more photographs along the way for a better tutorial).

Mine Geomorph #7 (patreon funded)

Since the first $25 milestone continues to be met over on my Patreon page, it must mean that it's time to add another little mine geomorph to the collection :)

So, as always, I'd like to say a big thank you to all the folks supporting me over on Patreon!

And if you want to check out all of the other bonus geomorphs, you can find them in THIS album over on google plus.

Monday 7 March 2016

One Mini Every Week #10

This week I've been having a go at painting up some more Reaper Bones miniatures - as last week's mini's were a little bit hit and miss to be honest (and I didn't want to judge the entire range on the basis of one bad miniature). Furthermore, I've also taken this opportunity to try out some different (brush on) matt varnishes.

Anyway, first up is 'Boneflail' (a gnoll cleric)...

...and I was rather happy with the way this one turned out until I varnished it with the Army Painter 'anti-shine' varnish (which, despite its name, has left a pretty shiny finish, and seems to have obliterated a lot of my highlighting).

* * *

Next up is 'Bloodhoof' (a minotaur barbarian)...

...and for this one I thought I would try a darker skin tone for a change (which hasn't photographed very well), and have varnished it with Vallejo Matt Varnish No. 70.520.

As you would expect, the varnish has toned down the highlights a bit (as most varnishes do), and (once dry) has left a bit of a shiny (satin-like) finish ...but it's nowhere near as bad as the Army Painter stuff.

* * *

And finally here's (the imaginatively named) beastman warrior 1...

...which I've painted in a fairly stereotypical colour scheme, and varnished with Coat d'arms matt varnish (which has still dried a tiny bit shiny if I'm honest - though this is probably the best one of the three).

* * *

So, despite my initial disappointment with the Bones 'wererat' miniature that I painted last week, I'm pleased to say that these three miniatures (along with the spiders I also painted last week) have left me with a much better opinion of the range ...though I have to say that cleaning up the mould lines is a bit of a pain - so I've just let them be if they didn't look too obvious).

* * *

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Thursday 3 March 2016

Dungeon Monthly #39 (March 2016)

This year appears to be passing by quicker than ever - as it's already time for the third  geomorph of 2016...

As usual, unlabelled versions of all these maps can be found here:

And if you feel so inclined, you can also check out the Dungeon Monthly Patreon campaign (where folks can donate a dollar or two to the project ...and help me to create even more of these little maps).