Tuesday 29 November 2016

Mine Geomorph #22 (patreon funded)

Here's the latest geomorph from the ongoing Patreon campaign :)

And, as always, thanks to everyone supporting the project!

(note that you can find all of these bonus mine geomorphs in THIS ALBUM)


One Mini Every Week #46 & #47

Once again, I've fallen behind with my posts (but not my painting) - so here's a quick look at what I've been up to these past couple of weekends...

On the left is another little dwarf mini (THIS ONE from Midlam Miniatures), and just like all the other 'heroes' I've been painting recently, this is another one that I feel has a suitable look for the Age of Shadow setting.

On the right is my first attempt at making something with air drying clay (and I'm using a 1kg packet of DAS that I picked up for £4). I'll admit that it's a very basic piece (and far from perfect) - but I'm happy with it for a first try :)

And finally...

...I've also made a few more (self adhesive) flowers to brighten up my bases a little :)

And that's it for this week. I can't believe that I've almost been at this for a year now, and I'm looking forward to taking a group photograph at the end of 2016 - to see just how much I've managed to get done in the space of a year.

Monday 28 November 2016

New Map Bundle & Cyber Monday Offer


I'm pleased to announce that you can now get all of the 'Into the Darkness' maps in one bundled product...

When purchased separately these maps would normally cost $6 - but if you take advantage of this bundle deal you can get them all for just $4!

The 'Into the Darkness' bundle is available from both DriveThruRPG and RPGNow.


Furthermore, (for one day only) you can also pick up the 'Helroth's Tower' map-pack for just $1!

The 'Helroth's Tower' map pack is available from both DriveThruRPG and RPGNow.

Monday 21 November 2016

Mine Geomorph #21 (patreon funded)

Here's the latest mine geomorph from the Patreon campaign...

As always, my thanks go out to all those supporting the project!

(note that you can find all of these bonus mine geomorphs in THIS ALBUM)

Tuesday 15 November 2016

One Mini Every Week #45

For this week's project I've made a couple more pieces of 'creepy forest' scatter terrain, and slapped some paint on another little adventurer mini :)

* * *

The figure is from Midlam Miniatures (THIS ONE), and for some reason I had all sorts of trouble painting this one (though I can't fathom out why - so I must have just been having an off day) ...but it's turned out OK in the end :)

Next up was a little test piece to try and add some large cobwebs to the current set of scatter terrain (which looks kinda OK - but not OK enough to warrant me making more). But, for those who may be interested, the webs were made from a baby wipe that's been left to dry out overnight, and then pulled apart and soaked in PVA glue (much like I did in THIS post, when I made the web covering the spider eggs).

However, I'm much happier with the standing stone that's surrounded by a fairy ring of giant mushrooms (pictured above)...

...and, like before, the stone was just a piece of gravel (stolen) from the garden path, and the mushrooms are two different size 'brads' (i.e. the things you use to pin paper/card together) that have had their prongs clipped off and replaced with pieces of cocktail stick or BBQ skewer.

So, all in all, another productive week on the miniatures front ...or at least it was when measured against my usual snail's pace :)

Friday 11 November 2016

Dungeon Designer - November 2016

Here's another little transitional (cave to dungeon) geomorph - based on the ongoing request of one of the guys over on Patreon.

And here's a quick look at how all five of these transitional maps look when you piece them all together...

...though they are (of course) compatible with all the other geomorphs I've created over the years.

Tuesday 8 November 2016

Mine Geomorph #20 (patreon funded)

Here's the latest bonus map from my Patreon campaign...

As always, my thanks go out to everyone supporting the project (and thus, making it possible for me to spend so much time on things like this :) ).

Also note that you can find all of these bonus mine geomorphs in THIS ALBUM.

Monday 7 November 2016

One Mini Every Week #44

Since I made a few pieces of 'creepy forest' scatter terrain last week, I thought that I would paint up something to haunt that forest for this week's project...

This one is the Reaper Bones Ghost miniature, and it was a nice little mini to paint (I say 'little' but it's a bit larger than most of my other human sized mini's from other ranges - but that's pretty much the same with all Reaper mini's).

I've also noticed that most of the other 'Bones' miniatures that I've painted have become a little sticky/tacky to the touch (and, after looking online, it seems I'm not the only one to have that problem). So for this one I've neither primed nor varnished it - so we'll see if that makes any difference :S

And in addition to the above ghost, I couldn't resist making a few more scatter pieces of terrain...

...and on this last one I've used some cheap resin (£1 from poundland*) with a few spots of Army Painter 'green tone' added to make the little pool.

*it's the same stuff that the guy is using in THIS video (which is where I first heard about it - and so I thought I'd give it a try for myself :) ).

Thursday 3 November 2016

Dungeon Monthly #47 (November 2016)

I can't believe it's November already. Oh well, at least that means it's time for another 'dungeon monthly' map :)...

Note: you can find unlabelled versions of all the 'dungeon monthly' maps in the following albums:

...and you can support the project (if you so desire) over on Patreon.

Tuesday 1 November 2016

Into the Darkness : Map 4 (sewer)

I'm pleased to announce the release of the next map in the 'Into the Darkness' range...

Into the Darkness : Map 4 features a full colour dungeon map (in this instance, that of an old sewer) that should be suitable for use with most fantasy games and settings.

In this product you get:
  • A pdf booklet featuring a labelled version of the map (for the GM's notes).
  • An unlabelled jpg image of the map (for use with virtual tabletops).
  • A (multi-page) miniatures scaled battlemap (i.e. printable at 1" per grid square).

- the battlemap in action (miniatures from Midlam Miniatures) -

Into the Darkness : Map 4 is available for just $1.50 from RPGNow & DriveThruRPG.