If you missed out on Community Challenge #1 (see the announcement video HERE, and the resulting builds HERE), but still want to take part - then I will be posting any additional submissions and late entries on this page.

I will, of course, let folks know (via the youtube community page, the discord server, etc.) whenever I add a new project - so feel free to send me pictures of what you've built (so long as they conform to the rules/restrictions of this particular challenge).

So, without further ado, here's what I've been sent so far...

* * *

Trial of the Pit
by Ade Smith

Due to some kind of facebook mix-up, I never received the pictures for this one (but, as you can see, I've got them now :) )...

...and at first glance it looks like the inside of a nice little chapel or similar. Then you look a little closer, and start to think ...that kinda looks like a gallows - but with a caged pit in front of it...

...and is that a lever beside the lectern?

Hang on a second - I don't think this is a 'nice' little chapel at all! (it is a nice build though :) ).

* * *