Tuesday 2 July 2024

Miniatures Painted This Year (June)

So, in last month’s round-up I mentioned some cheap 1:72 scale trolls that I had bought… i.e. these ones here:

And I have to say that, while I really like the sculpts (and their size)… they were a bit of a pain to work with.

(scale comparison with some Reaper orcs)

The mould lines were terrible, and they are made of the kind of cheap plastic that is pretty much impossible to clean up. I almost ruined a couple of them trying… and had to do a weapon swap to make one good model out of two of them (though I had trouble getting the glue and greenstuff to stick).

So, in the end I just painted them as they were… and so long as you don’t look too hard (and ignore the mould lines), they look pretty good I think. Though I do wish I had gone with a slightly greyer blue for their scales, but on the whole, I’m happy I bought them (as I was having some serious doubts at the beginning).

Similarly, last month I also mentioned doing a little painting video with these guys (a kind of beginners guide to painting your first mini’s):

 However, it didn’t really come out very well… so it ended up being a big waste of time. I guess I’ll leave the mini painting videos to the experts :)

So while I did get them painted, they ended up being stripped – so I can’t really count them towards my ‘finished’ totals.

* * *

Mini’s Bought

It’s been another month of buying more than I’ve painted I’m afraid (the very thing I was trying to avoid this year)… and that started off with this Arbite guy (essentially 40k police)… which I have assembled at least:

And the plan for this model is to paint him with white armour so that he can lead the ‘penal legion’ troops that I started painting a while back (for OPR firefight).

And then there were all of these WW2 models (all from Wargames Atlantic)…


The first are German sentries (6 infantry and 2 dogs), the second are (another 6) British commando/SAS types, and the third and fourth are (a total of 12) BEF models.

So, including the dogs and the 40k model, that’s another 27 miniatures to add to my pile of shame.

And if I add the 3 trolls to my ‘done’ list, that brings the grand total for the first half of this year to:



So, I’m still ‘in credit’ (so to speak)… but it seems that I’ve already started to slide back into my old ways :O

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