Tuesday 11 June 2024

Five Leagues From the Borderlands (part 5) – The adventure continues…

OK then, it’s been nearly a month since I last played – but before I begin I need to make a quick edit:


I originally had area ‘A’ as a hamlet… but last turn I performed an action there that can only be done in a village. So, as a quick fix I’ll simply swap ‘A’ and ‘B’ around ...and justify that by saying that goblin soldiers have been moving between the two – increasing their strength in ‘A’ (and therefore lessening their numbers in ‘B’).

(NOTE: you can find a pdf of the full map HERE).


1. Local Events – aggravated wound (not applicable – so one character is a little bit sore)

2. Hard Times – 2 upkeep

3. Campaign Activities – hard work (I fail the roll for extra payment) & help the town guard (to offset my upkeep).

4. Trade – none

5. Research – no result

I decide to explore (and thus travel to) a location (i.e. the delve)

Travel Roll - uneventful


The next week or so was somewhat uneventful, and relatively quiet – save for Golb’s constant complaints about the mauling he received from one of the wargs. As such, he weaselled his way out of guard duty for the first few days (a feat he seemed especially smug about) – but his mirth was short lived, as Dugmush (the camp’s second in command) put him to some heavy labour when he noticed that Golb seemed to have more spare time on his hands than the others.

Speaking of which, Muzlug and Co. took their turn guarding a couple of low risk passages that were deemed of little strategic importance (most likely due to the fact that the party isn’t fully trusted/tested yet), and Lagashi spent some time attempting to gather information/rumours/allies – but found that most of the orcs appeared to care for her little more than Muzlug did.

However, there had been no ‘dwarf mischief’ for a while now (or so some of the ‘locals’ put it)… and the group’s guard duties had begun to lessen slightly – so Muzlug proposed that they volunteer for the next patrol… and use that as a pretence for investigating the unexplored area that they had discovered during their last outing (in the hope that they might chance upon something that might improve their current situation, and maybe even raise their status within the camp).

* * *

So, with an uneventful travel roll, here’s how I have the table set up for this mission (note that I have made ‘the first move’ to determine the ‘reaction’ - which resulted in three more exploration markers).

The enemies are 5 giant rats and a ‘captain’ (which is represented by the bigger model at ‘4’). And because I’m playing with fewer ‘heroes’ than normal, I’m going to split them into three groups of two (rather than two groups of three).

And with that, I think I’m about ready to start...


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