Wednesday 5 January 2011

Here Be Monsters!

A recent post over on the forums finally made me realise that I needed to replace some of the images in the AoS rulebook (the main offenders being the quick sketches in the 'creatures' section).

However, I will be the first to admit that I'm not a great artist (and I don't have the spare cash to commission someone who is), but I've redrawn those images as best as I can, and attempted to give them a kind of 'page torn out of and old bestiary' look:

Admittedly, they're probably not the greatest monster pictures (though I've seen worse :) ) - but hopefully the style is a little more in line with the rest of the book (or at least a step up from the previous biro sketches).

On top of that I've finally completed all of the settlement entries for the AoS Campaign Guide (or at least the first draft of those entries) - though as I have said previously, I've not gone into too much detail with these - and have just written a very brief overview of each. As a quick example of one of the shorter entries here's what I had in mind for the ill fated (vaguely Pompeii-like) settlement of Dolruin:

Region: Ennor
Of what fate befell the ancient city of Dolruin few tales tell, though some there are who claim that a host of demons burst forth from the peaks of mighty Naurdol, and descended upon the city with a great burning fire. Yet once it was a merry place with many resplendent archways and white walls adorned with rich friezes, but now its blackened stones are rumoured to have become the haunt of fell spirits and other unwholesome beasts.

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