Friday 26 May 2017

May's Patreon Roundup

Here's a quick roundup of all the Patreon funded maps I've drawn this month...

So, this month has seen an additional 20 basic tiles added to the library ...along with 4 caved-in passages, and one large room tile.

This last map (the large room) was based on the request of one of my patrons - who asked for another section of dungeon that was ruined in places.

So I went ahead and created a map that depicts an old wooden bridge spanning an underground canal/pool/waterway ...though the upper area of the dungeon has collapsed - meaning that one of the rooms can only be reached by wading through the waist-high water of the canal (maybe at the risk of disease, giant bloodsucking leeches, or something else equally unpleasant).

Obviously, you may have your own encounter ideas for the tile - but I thought I'd share my thinking in case it was of interest :)

And that's it for another month of maps!

(note that you can find all of these maps in THIS ALBUM -or- over on GOOGLE DRIVE).

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