Friday 28 August 2020

Print & Paste Terrain : Mine Walls

 As usual, I've been posting some progress pictures of these on social media (and over on Discord too) ...but they're finally done - so here's the latest print & paste video (this one is a bit longer than normal, so you might want to grab yourself a drink first ;) ):


Anyway, this will probably be the last 'mine' video for a while (though I have got a few ideas for a couple of 'quick crafts' that I might squeeze in at some point) - as I think that we've got enough pieces now to make a nice little mine layout.

And, as is usual with these pdfs, you can pick it up from DriveThruRPG as a pay-what-you-want download - so feel free to pay as much (or as little) as you like!

So, here's hoping that you can find a use for these in your games, and that you enjoyed the video (or at least, didn't find my voice too annoying :) ).


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