Friday 14 October 2022

Marsh/Swamp Tiles

I've probably bored folks to death with the various WIP images of these that I've been posting on social media (Discord in particular) - but they took a while to get them looking somewhat like I envisaged them.

- early concepts / W.I.P's -

Anyway, I finally managed to settle on a particular style (pictured below), and when it's all out on the table, I think it's going to work quite well (though I foresee those tree branches getting caught on players sleeves if they're not careful).

In any case, if you're interested in making some yourself you can grab the (pay-what-you-want) pdf file over on DriveThruRPG ...and the video below shows you how to put them together:

So, here's hoping you can find a use for them!

PS. if you need some stirges to inhabit these swamps - you can find some HERE ;)

(hmmm... I wonder what a stirge nest looks like...)

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