Saturday 6 May 2023

A new Sci-Fi episode AND a quick look at some ‘War On Terra’ miniatures

As you might have seen, I’ve just released a new sci-fi episode over on YouTube (if you’re new here, then I make ‘print & paste’ terrain tutorials for use in various miniatures games)…

...and in this latest episode I’ve been making some more stuff for the sci-fi range - i.e. bunks & lockers (note that you can get the pdf file HERE if you want to make some yourself – just put a zero in the little ‘pay-what-you-want’ box if you want to grab it for free ;) ).

Anyway, at the end of that video you’ll see some miniatures that were sent to me (for free) from AWA Game Design.

Now, these mini’s are from their War on Terra game (they have a kickstarter running for it at the moment), and they arrived in this rather nice looking box...


...which contained a whole host of goodies.


And one of the first things I noticed is that they have some left-handed models – which is a nice touch.

And, as you can see, the assembly of the models is pretty straight forward – and while their isn’t a great deal of poseability, there is enough... as some of the models come with multiple arm options, and the arms themselves can be swapped around between models to change things up a bit (i.e. they all appear to be interchangeable - which is nice).

Now, the miniatures that I received look to be 3D resin prints (I’m not sure if the mini’s you get with the kickstarter will be cast, or printed, or something else entirely) – but this was my first time working with 3D prints… and I didn’t have any issues assembling or painting them…

...though I will say that there were some visible print lines on a couple of the models – the most noticeable being on the chest circle of the guy second from the left - though if I were a smarter person I could have just run a file over that, and that would have got rid of it (and I’m not really sure why I didn’t do that to be honest… oh well :) ).

And as far as scale goes… they are on the larger end of the spectrum – and to illustrate that, here’s a picture of one of their tesla marines standing next to a GW primaris marine...


...and while I personally would have liked them to be a bit smaller (so I can use them in other games – alongside some of the other sci-fi mini’s I already own), I expect that will be a non-issue for most folks (doubly so if you’re only using them as intended – i.e. for the War on Terra game).

But yeah, I’m happy with how they’ve turned out. I mean, I’ve gone with a pretty basic colour scheme, and they still look pretty good I think (as I’ve said before, I do prefer painting miniatures that are not overburdened with too much unnecessary clutter – and these fit that bill).

I’m also wondering if, since all of the human sub-factions have their own circular emblem/iconography, I wonder if they have plans to release some of those as little pieces that can be glued into the circle of the chest plate (as I think that would be rather cool).

Oh... and, as a slight aside, I also want to point out that the box itself (which I’ve already said, is rather nice)… with a little bit of padding, it can easily accommodate the half-size trays that you can get from places like KR Multicase (because once you’ve got all this assembled and painted – you’re gonna want to keep your models safe… right?).

Anyway, if you’re interested, the War in Terra guys did an interview over on The Painting Phase channel if you want to learn a bit more about them and the game they’re producing (which is well worth a watch): the painting phase chats are always entertaining :)
So yeah, thanks for making it to the end of this article. I hope you can get some use out of the new (bunks & lockers) terrain, and feel free to check out the War on Terra* kickstarter if it looks like your kind of thing!

*note that I am not affiliated with AWA Game Design in any way, and I have not been paid to write this article (I just agreed to take a look at some of their mini’s, as I thought they looked like rather cool models :) ).

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