Friday 1 March 2024

Miniatures Painted This Year (February)

I'm a day late posting this (as it's been a busy/stressful week) - but, as I mentioned in my previous miniatures related post, I am going to try and keep track of how many miniatures I paint this year, and compare that to how many I end up buying (with the aim of trying to paint more than I buy).

So, with that in mind, here's February's update:

OK then, so the first things I splashed some paint on were these Wizkids hyena models - and (as I might have mentioned previously) the main aim for this year is to just get stuff done - so they've just been baescoated and washed - and then had their bases decorated with some 'base ready' stuff from Geek Gaming Scenics.

I also had some Wizkids gnolls to go with them...

...which have received a similar treatment.

And since I was painting gnolls, I figured it was a good time to get some paint on some Reaper Bones models too...

...which are quite a bit bigger than the wizkids ones - so in D&D they could maybe represent Flinds or something like that maybe.

In fact, here's a size comparison of one of these, a wizkids model, and a frostgrave gnoll that I painted last year:

Anyway, those were the models that I speed painted (not using speedpaint - painting speedily is what I mean), the rest of what I got done I spent a bit more time on - the first of these being this guy:

He's another Reaper Bones model (one I got in a kickstarter a few years back), and he'll be used as one of the auxiliary companions in the Blood Moon scenario for Rangers of Shadow Deep (as it's the closest thing I have to an aristocratic swordsman).

And finally, I've also been painting some horses this week...

...which is mainly due to the fact that in the next Print & Paste video I'll be making some carts and wagons - and those carts and wagons aren't going to pull themselves :)

However, despite painting 13 models, I have (coincidentally) 'fallen off the wagon' (so to speak), and bought some new models... 10 in fact.

But even so, that's 35 models painted this year, and only 10 bought - so I don't think I'm doing so bad (at least so far :) ).

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