Monday 1 April 2024

Miniatures Painted This Year (March)

It's a day late again, but here's the March update for what miniatures I've managed to slap some paint on...

First up is the last of the horse models that I painted up for my carts and wagons video:

And, since I talked about them in last month's post, there's not much more to add really.

Next we have a couple of test models...

...which are Wizkids models that I got for half price - and all you're seeing here are some experiments to see how certain colours look in conjunction with certain washes. But they're good enough to throw in my traveling GMs kit, and so I'm counting them towards this month's total.

And the reason for these test models is because I've started work on some of the Mantic models from Dungeon Saga Origins...

...the first of which are these zombies that you can see above.

Now, I've gone with a relatively quick paint job for these, but despite that, I think they've turned out rather nice.

Anyway, after finishing off the first batch of regular zombies I then moved on to the armoured variants...

...followed by the ghost/wraith models:

And, for board game pieces, I have to admit that they're pretty nice models (I've also started work on some of the skeletons - but I haven't got those finished yet - so they'll have to be included in next month's roundup).

Anyway, the final models I got done were these dwarves (I think they're from the Massive Darkness game - but I picked them up as single models from a store that breaks the sets of various boardgames down):

And, as you can see, I just painted these up as ghosts (as I needed a few for a game I was running - and since these guys had been sitting on the shelf for a while, I decided to put them to use).

So that's a total of 14 models done in March - for a grand total of 49 miniatures painted this year - though I did pick up this sprue of (Perry) mercenaries (I think)... that counts as 2 models bought I suppose (for a total of 12 this year) - but even so, I'm still well 'in credit' so to speak :)

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