Thursday 2 May 2024

Miniatures Painted This Year (April)

It’s time for the monthly update on all the mini’s I’m getting done this year… starting with some more Mantic undead from their Dungeon Saga board game:

As you can see, since there are duplicate models in the set, I’ve painted one batch with red accent colours, and the second batch with blue.

And, much like I’ve done with the previous models from this game, they’ve just been primed, base coated, had some washes applied… and then tidied/highlighted back up with the same base colours (seeing as how the washes darken everything down a little bit).

OK, next up are some orcs…

...which, if you’ve been following my recent ‘5 Leagues from the Borderlands’ posts, you’ll know that these are going to be part of my warband that are exploring the halls Moria. But as far as the models go, the middle guys is a Gargantua Orc (from Ral Partha Europe), and the guys on either side are kit-bashes (using Mantic Zombie legs, Warlord orc heads and bodies, and Oathmark goblin arms).

Then there's my Mystic (for the same game), and the summoned ‘creature’ she can… well… summon:

And, like before, the bat swarm (which, as I say, I’m using for the 'summon' spell) is from Ral Partha Europe, and the figure on the right is a hobgoblin shaman from Midlam Miniatures.

Now I did spend a little bit more time painting all of these orcs – seeing as how they’re going to be my ‘heroes’ in the game… but in truth it was just an extra highlight layer on top of the ‘tidy’ stage that I mentioned above (so it's probably not that noticeable :) ).

Anyway, if I’m going to be playing orcs in my upcoming Moria (solo) game… then I’m also going to need some dwarven opponents:

And these five mini’s are from NorthStar’s Oathmark range. The first three are from the regular dwarven infantry sprue – and the 4th and 5th models are from their ‘heavy’ and ‘light’ infantry sprues respectively. And, since these are essentially going to be the ‘monster minis' in the game I’ll be playing, these have just had a quick paint job as well (though I will be painting some more of these guys soon).

OK – now on to the miniatures that I bought.

First up are these four metal models from Midlam Miniatures (a barrow wight, a female and male hobgoblin shaman, and a wagon driver):

And, as you saw earlier, I did manage to get some paint on one of the hobgoblins :)

In addition to those, I also picked up another sprue of miniatures from ebay…

...these being some more Northstar/Oathmark models – but this time some light human infantry/rangers. 

So my totals for April were 16 models painted and 9 models bought. 

Which brings the yearly total up to 65 painted / 21 bought… which is still much better than I thought I would do! 

And since I mentioned the Moria game a bit earlier on – here’s a quick look as some of the terrain I’ve been putting together for it (which, I think, is shaping up quite nicely)…

...but more on that soon!

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