Thursday 11 August 2011

Colony 19 new releases!

The first expansion set for the Colony 19 range of sci-fi/near-future tiles is now available through RPGNow and DriveThruRPG

As I said a little earlier in the week, this new set contains larger rooms (split over multiple pages for the most part) that can be put together in various ways shown in the diagram below:

(note that the arrows = entrances/exits)

I also opted to not include a whole page of doors (as I mentioned in an earlier post) as there should be plenty scattered around the various pages (in what would otherwise be 'blank space'). However if folks really do want a page of doors to be made available, let me know and I'll include one as a free download.

In addition, I've also made a free example tile available (called simply 'Room 01'), so that folks can take a closer look at the style/quality before they buy any of the sets.

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