Friday 13 September 2013

More Tiles For Colony 19

A little earlier in the year I released the (free) Room 2 expansion tile for the Colony 19 range, and also hinted at the possability of designing a new set of tiles that would be done in a similar style (so as to offer some variety to the steel floor look of the existing tiles).

Well, that possibility should be turning into a reality sometime this month, and so I thought I would share a quick mock-up picture showing how some of the tiles look when pieced together:

However, to add a bit of extra detail to the (otherwise bland) flooring, I've been adding a few C19 logos here and there - but I was wondering if folks would prefer these left off the final version of the tiles? and stick to a more obvious square grid pattern?

I'm also using the working title of 'The Facility' for this set ...though if anyone has a better idea, then let me know ...and if I use it (assuming you're OK with me using it) I'll send you a free pdf copy of all the C19 tiles to date (as a little thank you from myself).

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