Monday 18 August 2014

Into the City: maps for fantasy buildings

I'm very pleased to announce the start of a new range of building maps...

Each product in the Into the City range will map out the interior of a single fantasy building (usually over several levels), and supply those maps in the following formats:
  • a pdf booklet containing labelled reference maps (for the GMs use)
  • unlabelled VTT maps (scaled at 100 pixels per square)
  • miniatures scaled battlemaps (printable at 1 square = 1 inch)

(an example of one of the battlemaps printed in 'draft' quality on normal paper)

As of right now you can download Into the City: Map 0 for free (and sample the style and quality of the new range), and Into the City: Map 1 is available for just $1.50 (see the links below).

It's also my hope that, as the range expands, these maps will start to come together to form the basis of one of the towns/cities within the Age of Shadow setting ...but more on that as things progress.

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