Monday 27 October 2014

Making Sacks & Barrels...

It would seem that creating new stuff for the 2.5D dungeon is becoming a bit of a regular thing for me I'm guessing that you're fairly familiar with the concept by now lets get straight to it.

As normal, the first thing you'll need to do (if you're going to have a go at making a few of these yourself) is print off THIS pdf file.

Click HERE to download the pdf


For each sack you'll need a 2" (50mm) square piece of the 'sack texture' (provided in the pdf) and a similar sized piece of scrap paper.

* * *

Next, crumple the 'sack texture' (to give it more of a cloth-like appearance) and scrunch the scrap paper into a tight bean-like shape (as shown below).

 * * *

Then apply some glue to the back of the textured paper (I'm using a normal glue-stick for this) and place the scrunched-up 'bean' roughly two thirds of the way down the paper.

* * *

Next, fold the textured paper over the 'bean' and press the overlapping pieces together. Then, once the glue is dry, cut the sack to the size you require.

* * *

And if the edges of the sack are looking a little too neat and tidy, simply crumple them up a little bit.


For the main part of each barrel I'm using a piece of toilet/kitchen roll tube that has been cut to 2½" (approx 63mm) long, by 7/8" (approx 22mm) wide.

I also mark a line 1 and 7/8" (approx 48mm) from one end of the piece as shown below.

(note that I like to use a toilet/kitchen roll tube as it's already curved to begin with - which makes the next step a little easier)

* * *

For the next step you'll need to slowly bend the piece around something round (like a pen or a thin tube) - so that it forms a tighter circle. Then, using the line you drew previously as a guide for how much of the cardboard you want to overlap, glue the two ends together.

* * *

Next, cut out a piece of the 'barrel texture' (provided in the pdf) large enough to wrap around the circumference of the cardboard tube, and glue it in place.

* * *

To create a lid for the barrel, simply glue some of the plain wood texture (provided in the pdf) to a piece of thin cardboard (that of a breakfast cereal box will suffice) and cut it to size.

(note that I like to cut the lid slightly larger than it needs to be at first, and then trim it down a bit at a time, so that it eventually fits nice and snugly in place)

* * *

To finish things off, just fit the lid inside the barrel (as shown below) and drop a little white/PVA glue inside to secure it in place.

* * *

Once that's done, you can use each barrel and sack as individual pieces or (as I prefer), glue several of them to a floor tile (mounted on thin cardboard) and use them as area terrain.

Note that the pdf also contains a texture for the inside of the barrel (as can be seen on the barrel on the right) to allow you to produce a few empty barrels - for a little added variety.

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