Monday 10 November 2014

In the pipeline...

If you've been following me on the various social media sites then you've probably got a rough idea of the kind of things I've been working on recently - but if not, here's a quick look at what's to come...

Dungeon Encounters

This booklet is being written for the Age of Shadow system (being the 2nd encounter/adventure booklet for the AoS).

- maps of the encounter areas -

As you can see (and as the title suggests), this one is more dungeon based than the last one ...though I'm writing it in such a way that each encounter area is pretty much self-contained - but with an overarching theme (so that they can also be linked together).

The (yet to be titled) Village map-pack

This map-pack will contain a map of a small village (that might also have some AoS background material included - similar to the current 'Fortress' map-packs) ...with detailed maps of all the major buildings - done in a similar style to the 'Into the City' range...

- interior maps completed thus far -

...except that this time, each building has been given more of a dark-age appearance (making them suitable for human settlements in the AoS setting).

More 2.5D/papercraft Dungeons

I've also got a few more ideas for things to add to the 2.5D dungeon... there should be more (free) pdfs & tutorials coming later this month.

More 'Basic' Dungeons

Another product line I hope to expand upon before the end of the year, is the pay-what-you-want dungeon tiles...

...with the aim of introducing larger (multi-page) rooms, using tiles similar to the one pictured above.

And on a personal note...

And finally, I'm (once again) trying to make more of an effort to reduce my pile of unpainted miniatures...

- my box of plastic 'fantasy' stuff -

...and so far (rather than buying yet more miniatures) I've managed to kit-bash a few miniatures together to use as the 'half-breed spies' featured in one of the adventures in the 'Encounters in the Northlands' booklet.

* * *

And that's it for now. There's a couple more things I have on the go ...but I'll not bore you with those just yet :)