Monday 8 December 2014

Dungeon Monthly (December 2014)

Here is it ...the last geomorph of the year...

Hopefully you've enjoyed all of these 'dungeon monthly' maps ...or better yet, managed to put some of them to use in a few of your games!

* * *

And if you're looking to use any of these maps with a VTT (or similar), then don't forget that unlabelled versions for all of these maps can be found in the following G+ albums:


  1. No preview of Level 2 all together?

    1. Here's a quick look at how all of this year's maps can be pieced together...

      ...hope that helps :)

      (note that I hope to do a more in depth post regarding the 'dungeon monthly' project sometime soon, and my thoughts on whether or not I should continue in 2015)

  2. That's just the sort of preview I was looking for, thanks :)