Friday 10 April 2015

Chainlink fences (and barbed wire) for 28mm miniatures

I've been picking a few things up from the local 'bargain' stores again that must mean it's time for another quick & easy terrain project...


From left to right:
  • Silver spray paint (cost £1 from the local Poundland store)
  • BBQ/kebab skewer (cost £1 for about 100 ...I think)
  • Tongue depressor (can't remember the exact cost ...but they're fairly cheap)
  • Oven mesh (cost £1 from the local Poundland store)
  • Brown paint & flock (for the base)
  • Glue (not shown)

The only thing that might be a little unusual is the oven mesh (I've never actually used anything like this in the oven ...but, then again, I don't cook all that much) - so here's a scan of the packaging (to show what it's supposed to be used for :) ).


Unlike my other tutorials, this one doesn't really need a step-by-step guide, as it's pretty obvious what I've done...

...and as you can see, all you need to do is cut a BBQ/Kebeb Skewer to about 2" long, glue them to either end of the Tongue Depressor, and then  cut a piece of Oven Mesh (along the diagonal) to the size you require - and glue it in place.

And, if like me, you would like to add a bit of barbed wire to the top, then it's a simple matter of cutting a long strip of the Oven Mesh (lengthways) - leaving just a tiny bit of the mesh (that runs widthways) where they cross one another these will function as the 'barbs'.

Then coil the strip around something circular (a pencil for example) and thread it along the top of the fence (note that it doesn't hold a shape very well, so I had to secure mine in place with a spot of superglue).

Then simply spray the whole things silver, add a little paint and flock to the base, and you're done!


  1. Inspired use of simple materials. Will defo be making some of those for myself.

    1. Thanks Matt. I'm actually thinking of picking up another sheet of the mesh myself - just to use for barbed wire :)

  2. Keep those zombies at bay. This looks great.