Tuesday 16 June 2015

More books available in print (part 1)

As some of you may now, a little while back I posted a picture of a zine-like booklet that I made, which featured a few of the Age of Shadow related articles found here on the blog, along with a number of charts and notes I'd put together for my own games.

- the original 'home-made' booklet -

At the time it was just something I put together for a bit of fun (for my own use), but after seeing the photograph, several people expressed an interest in getting hold of a copy themselves, and so (after a bit of a rewrite and reformat) I'm pleased to announce that Issue One of 'Neath the Shadow is now available...

Included in this little booklet is a mini-adventure (that should tie in with my upcoming 'Dungeon Encounters' booklet), along with random name tables, a new magic item, several random 'guardsmen' conversations, and a few related blog articles (that have been tidied up a little since their original appearance).

So, if you're interested in picking up a copy of this new (and probably infrequent) 'zine, then you can get if from lulu for £2.99 ($4.85).

Also feel free to let me know if you'd like to see more of these little Age of Shadow 'zines in the future, and whether or not you like to see me open it up to submissions - so that it's not just my own work on show*

(*though I have to admit that I do have a very specific/narrow vision for the AoS setting - so this might not be the best of ideas for generating 'canon' material)

* * *

Along with the new 'zine, I've also released a compilation booklet that features all of the maps from the first three volumes of the 'Little Book of Dungeons.'

So, while there is no new content here, if you've not picked up any of the 'Little Book of Dungeons' pdf's yet, then this booklet has all 27 maps printed out and ready to go (with space on the adjacent page for you to add your own notes).

The Little Book of Dungeons (print edition) is available from lulu for £4.99 ($8.53).

- a quick snapshot of the actual books -

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