Thursday 3 September 2015

New & Upcoming Releases


First of all I'd like to announce the release of a new(ish) map-pack...

...and as you can see, these tiles are very similar to those found in the existing Basic Dungeon Tiles range - but in this instance, they have been presented as black & white images with a plain white background.

The set also uses a simple '3 tile system' (i.e. a passage, a small room, and a large room tile) which can be modified to produce T-junctions, crossroads etc. (with the use of small overlay tiles), instead of having a separate tile for each:

In addition, the set is also well suited to generating random dungeon maps on the fly ...and a simple set of instructions has been included to allow you to do just that (though you'll still need a set of random encounter tables for your game of choice to add a little interest).

And just like the aforementioned Basic Dungeon Tiles range, this new set is available as a pay-what-you-want product pick it up for free, or pay as much (or as little) as you like!

* * *


If you've been following the g+ and facebook pages you'll probably have seen that progress is still being made (albeit slowly) on the 'Dungeon Encounters' book...

...though there's still lots to do :)

However, the next thing to surface will probably be a new map depicting some of the ruined city of Aramdol (from the Age of Shadow setting) ...and here's a quick look at a small prototype that I've been working on to show you how the map will probably look (just think of it being a lot larger and containing several different buildings):

I've also got a couple of other things in the works that I can't really talk about yet, as well as more miniatures/terrain stuff to work on, and various notes and scribbles for future 'zine & blog articles (including more information on beastling clans/warbands, and how to use these creatures as a playable race in an 'evil' campaign)  ...but I think I've rambled on long enough for one post :)

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