Sunday 17 January 2016

One Mini Every Week #3

My quest to paint at least one miniature every week continues - and this week I've actually managed to splash some colour on a couple of mini's...

These two are plastic skeletons from Mantic Games (though you can also pick them up as part of the Frostgrave 'undead encounters' set as I did), and as you can see - they're nicely proportioned, and dressed in suitably tattered rags and armour.

They're also very easy to put together - though some of the detail is a little shallower than I would like in places; but apart from that, I think they're probably some of the nicest (plastic) skeleton mini's that I've seen.

* * *

And if you're interested in taking part in the 'one miniature every week' challenge (or just want to see what other people are up to), you can check out (and use) the #oneminieveryweek hashtag over on G+ and facebook.


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    1. Thanks. I'm also thinking about painting a few of these as ghosts/spirits (kinda like the army of the dead from the Return of the King) I think they might look good as some kind of spectral warrior too.