Monday 27 March 2017

March's Patreon Roundup

As I mentioned last month, instead of posting a new message each time I add a couple of new tiles to the Patreon page, I would make a single post that showcases everything I've drawn over the last month.

So, for March I've added 16 basic geomophs (4 large square rooms with one exit, 4 large circular rooms with 2 exits, 4 small octagonal rooms with 2 exits, and 4 small circular rooms with 3 exits), along with a bunch of small 'stairs up' and 'stairs down' tiles.

I've also drawn a couple of 'feature areas' (as submitted by some of the folks who've pledged at the dungeon builder level or above) - the first of which is a large flooded/ruined dungeon entrance, and the second being a long, trap-filled hallway (and for this last one I've also included a plain version - so that you have both a 'before' and 'after' image to show to your players).

-a small example map using a few of the new stair tiles-

And, as always, you can find all of the maps I've drawn this year on the PATREON PAGE -or- in THIS ALBUM -or- over on GOOGLE DRIVE.

And finally, if you want to join me over on Patreon ...your support would be greatly appreciated!

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