Thursday 24 October 2019

Sci-Fi Starter Kit (pre-printed sheets from SquareHex)

I'm very pleased to say that I've been working with Peter Regan (over at SquareHex) so that you can now purchase professionally printed versions of the sci-fi textures!

As I say in the video, each set contains 24 sheets (12 of each page), and contains all the textures to make the tiles themselves... well as a few pieces of scatter terrain to act as barricades, objective markers, or whatever else you can think of ;)

So, if you've been thinking of making a few of the sci-fi tiles, but don't have a printer (or don't want the hassle of printing them yourself), then hopefully these will help :)

You can pick them up for just £4 (+P&P) from the SquareHex website HERE.

(note that you can also get some of the dungeon starter kit HERE and a whole bunch of accessory pieces HERE).

 -an example layout-

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