Sunday 3 May 2020

Crooked Staff Discord Server

Last week I decided to make myself a Discord server to accompany my various projects (mostly my 'print & paste' terrain, and mapping endeavours) - just to make it easier to chat with folks and such (as I hear all the cool kids are using it nowadays ...well, all the cool kids ...and me ;) ).

 Well, I've decided to do another 'lets draw a dungeon map' over there (i.e. where I start things off with an entrance room, and then get people to suggest what comes next) - and here's how it's shaping up so far...

So if you want to join in the fun (or just want to check out Discord), here's the invite LINK

* * *
What's Discord?

As far as I can tell, Discord is kinda like a cross between social media, a chat/messenger service, and a forum (that works in your browser or via an app).

So,anyone who joins can post messages, pictures, links, etc. ...or even just chat with me and other members.

And just like a forum, I've split the server into several sub-pages - for example, one for general chit-chat, one for 'print & paste' terrain, one for my VTT maps, and so on.

So, if it sounds interesting, come on over and say hello :)

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