Thursday 7 October 2021

Another encounter box.

I really need to stop doing this ...but every time I get a little box in the post (one that's still in pretty good condition despite the best efforts of the postal service) I get the urge to turn it into a little self contained (mini) dungeon :)

-the layout of this little dungeon-

Now I haven't written anything up for this one yet, but the idea was for it to be some kind of holy site (let's call it 'The Well of St. Orandi' or some such) - where folks make a pilgrimage to deposit their prayers/confessions/etc. (in written form) into the well ...along with a few coins for good measure (very much a 'wishing well' kind of thing).

However, a few goblins have got wind of this last part ...and they have started lowering themselves down into the well to retrieve this 'free loot' ;)

Obviously, this has folks up in arms (and worried that either their prayers might not be answered ...or their confessions be discovered) ...and so the PC's help is sought.

So, it's nothing more that a simple level 1 encounter really - but I like having things like this ready to go (should I need something for an impromptu one-shot) I enjoy the idea of trying to create the terrain for an adventure/encounter - but limiting myself to what I can fit inside a small box (and indeed, let the resulting terrain be the inspiration for that encounter).

-unpacking the adventure-

Furthermore, I picked up a pack of the D&D/Wizkids goblins a while back, and because they are a bit tiny (and because they don't really match any of the other goblins I have), I thought I could slap a quick paint job on them, and throw them in the box too.

-Reaper Bones mini shown for scale-

If anyone is interested, all I did was basecoat the model with half-a-dozen different colours first (they come pre-primed, so no cleanup/priming was needed), and then gave all of the areas their own wash. Here's what I used (all Army Painter):

ITEM/PART     /     BASECOAT     /     WASH
Feathers     /     skeleton bone     /     light tone
Skin     /     hemp rope     /     mid brown
Cloth & fur     /     leather brown     /     strong tone
Metal     /     gunmetal     /     strong tone
Wood/hair     /     dark stone     /     dark tone
Stone     /     field grey     /     dark tone & mixing medium

I'll be honest and say that I didn't really think much of them when I first opened the box (I bought them online on a bit of a whim) - but even with this rather simplistic paint job, I do kinda like them now (though I still wish they were a little bit bigger).

Anyway, all joking aside, I would definitely recommend having a go at making your own little encounter box(es) if the concept sounds vaguely interesting at all. It's a fun way to impose a few limits on yourself ...and at the same time it never hurts to have a back-up adventure up your sleeve and ready to go (plus, doing a really quick paint job on some mini's is a great way to reduce that pile of shame ;) ).

-the exterior of the box-

-everything packed away neatly inside-