Tuesday 28 November 2023

New sci-fi terrain, plans for the new year, and hobby stuff...

 At the end of last week I released another new sci-fi video...

...in which I added some free-standing walls - which could also be used/repurposed to make sci-fi layouts on multiple levels. Here's a better picture of them if you're not interested in watching the video tutorial:

And, I have to say, I'm pretty pleased with how they've turned out! (note that you can pick up the pdf file HERE if you want to have a go at making some yourself).

* * *

It's also that time of year where I have to start thinking about whether or not to do another 'dungeon build along series' (if you're not familiar with the previous ones, you can find the playlist HERE) - as they are quite a lot of work, and I (obviously) have to get the pdf finished, the encounters written, and at least one video filmed, by the end of the year (so that episode 1, along with all the textures, can be released the first week of January).

And since I've been umming and arring about whether or not I should do another level of the dungeon, I thought I'd put the question to my Patreon supporters and youtube Members...

...and it seems that, out of the two options presented... Dungeon Build Along Season 3 is the way to go.

As such, I'm thinking that maybe I could introduce some 'elemental' themed stuff into this one... maybe even having a ruined tile (i.e. a tile with a hole in the middle) - and we could swap out the bottom piece for various effects... something like this maybe:

So the bottom 'texture' could be water, or lava, or something like that - and that just slots underneath the main tile for whatever 'elemental effect' is in play for the room in question (if that make sense ;) ).

In the meantime I could maybe try to squeeze in a 'quick craft' video or two - where I make some small elemental creatures to use in said encounters. Here's a couple of prototypes I put together yesterday (note that the GW model is just shown for scale):

However, there's already a bunch of videos out there (on other channels) showing how to make this kind of thing - so I could just refer to those instead I suppose. But if it's something you'd like to see, then please do let me know (EDIT: maybe a blog article would be a better fit for this kind of thing - similar to the written tutorials that I used to post here).

* * *

In other news, on the hobby front, I've been getting a bunch of stuff ready to play 5 Parsecs: Bug Hunt (though I'll be going with a 40K theme rather than the default setting).

And while I'm still getting all the relevant units together for my various 'teams' - I have been painting up a bunch of poxwalkers (which I picked up pretty cheaply on Ebay) to use as 'shambling re-animations' (I think that's what they're called anyway).


Though, to get them to the table ASAP, I've gone with a pretty quick paint scheme on these guys - so just primer, base coats, and then washes...

...which works well enough for horde monsters I think.

And sticking with the undead theme - earlier in the year my brother backed the Dungeon Saga Origins kickstarter (it's a dungeon crawler board game), and he asked if I would like to get in on his pledge, and see if there was anything that I would like to get.

So, I got one of the miniatures expansions (a set of 18 undead mini's for £18), and since the game has  recently fulfilled - he handed these off to me yesterday...

...and although it was advertised as an 18 mini's set - they actually supplied 20 (which was a nice surprise).

And for board game pieces that cost less than £1 per model - they're pretty good I think. I'm certainly looking forward to splashing some paint on them (whenever that may be).

* * *

But yeah, I think that's it for this little update (or whatever you want to call it). As I say, it looks as though I'm committing to doing another level of the 'build along' dungeon in January - but that might mean that I'm a little quiet in December - because, as I say, there's a lot that goes into making those.

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