Friday 31 December 2010

2010 ...where did it go?

Well there goes another year ...not a particularly great one for me, but at least I've squeezed in a reasonable amount of gaming (so it's not been all that bad).

Anyway, I'm still plodding away at the AoS campaign guide (which is taking more time than I would have hoped) - but at least it's starting to take shape now, rather than just being a jumble of ideas and rough notes. I've also managed to complete a few simple illustrations for it over the past few days, like that of the elvish lamp below.

So I should have that finished early in the year ...though I have to admit that I am considering whether I should set something up on RPG Now (or similar) and perhaps start to charge a small amount for things like this (perhaps just $1 or $2), and see how it goes. However, even if I do try something like that, the main rulebook will always be freely available.

I'm also gearing up for Map-a-Monday (not a particularly clever play on words - but heh), which will be starting this Monday with the first dungeon map of the year. These maps will be fairly simple by design (just a few rooms and passages), but they be drawn in such a way that several can be pieced together to make larger dungeon layouts should folks need to do so.

Anyway, I seem to have rambled on a bit there, and the new year is fast approaching, so I'll finish up by wishing everyone out there a happy new year!

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