Sunday 20 February 2011

1st Review!

The Age of Shadow has received it's first in-depth review (or at least the first one that I've seen) over on The RPG Tavern blog (where it has also been designated RPG of the month). The review itself is a good one, and gives a nice overview of the game (probably a better one than I have given myself).

In contrast, I also had my first comment on YouTube the other day - though in this case, it wasn't a particularly favourable one.


  1. best to ignore comments like that, ask yourself if you are happy with your work, if the answer is yes, then the work is good.

  2. Well deserved review, congratulations.

    As for YouTube, I don't read the comments myself since they're the haunt of the sad, pathetic, spiteful and immature. Take anything said in YouTube comments with a pinch of salt.