Friday 1 July 2011

Crooked Staff Publishing on DriveThruRPG & RPGNow

I'm pleased to announce the launch of Crooked Staff Publishing - and with it my first two products available for download through DriveThruRPG & RPGNow!

The first of these is the Colony 19 Starter Set - a set of sci-fi/near-future floor tiles for use with 28/32mm miniatures*

The set includes nine pages of full colour tiles depicting various rooms, passages, and objects that folks can print out and use to represent various interior locations for their RPG's and wargames.

The second product is titled The Little Book Of Dungeons (Volume I) and contains nine greyscale dungeon maps ready to be populated by a host of monsters and traps.

The maps themselves are of a very similar style to the Map-A-Monday maps - but each fills an entire page, and is a little more extravagant in its design.

* * *

So there you have it - anyone who's been following the Blog for a while probably knows that I've been toying with this idea for a while now, so (for me at least) it's great to finally get things underway.

*Figures shown are from em4 miniatures (used with permission)
and are available from


  1. Congratulations Kris, all the best for the launch.

  2. They both look great. may have to pick up the dungeon one.

  3. Bought the "Colony 19" set. I like it alot, and I've seen ALOT of SCI/FI floor tiles/deck plans... I'm planning to use it as a "scene setting" for an "Eclipse Phase" game I'm planning to kick off soon. It did take me a bit to figure out how to assemble the doors, but I finally figured it out based on the picture on the second page of the set, so all is good.

  4. Glad you like them Greg (it's always great to get some positive feedback) ...and I hope you are able to make good use of them :)

    I've actually just started work on the next set of tiles for the C19 range (probably half a dozen pages with various modular room configurations) - which I hope to have finished by the end of the month.