Saturday 19 November 2011

Xmas give-away!

It's hard to believe that this blog has been going for almost a year now, and during that time has amassed around 10,000 views.

So, in the weeks leading up to the one year anniversary (and coincidentally, the weeks leading up to Christmas) I'm planning to select a 'follower' at random (probably by making a list and then using a online die roller - such as the one over at invisible castle) and giving that person the choice of any one product from the RPGNow store for free (excluding any bundles).

The first draw will be on December 1st, the second draw will be on the 8th, the third draw will be on the 15th, and the final draw will be on the anniversary itself - the 22nd.

The only catch is that you have to use a registered account (i.e. 'guest' posts are not allowed for obvious reasons), and that you post a simple 'count me in' message in the comments section of this post so that I know that you would like to be included.

Good luck!


  1. Thanks Kris - that's very kind of you! Count me in. :)

  2. Very cool of you Kris, Count me in bud.

  3. That's very nice of you!
    Cont me in!

  4. First, you've made excellent resources for D&D (Airtha). Next, you made what looks like a solid, yet simple RPG (Age of Shadow). Now you're giving away stuff! Wow, talk about being awesome.

    Count me in!