Tuesday 21 February 2012

OATHS (part 1)

The following (optional) rules introduce a simple game mechanic for the Age of Shadow RPG that will allow GMs to add meaningful oaths (with in-game advantages and drawbacks) into their adventures and campaigns. However, before any character is allowed to take an oath, the GM will usually insist that their be an actual in-game (role-playing) reason for a character to do so.

For example, if we assume that a character has witnessed several atrocities performed by the servants of the enemy, then that character might well decide to swear an oath to hunt down and slay beastlings wherever he/she finds them.

Taking an Oath

When a character takes an oath he/she gains the option of trading improvement points and/or fate points for oath points (note that this may be done when the oath is actually sworn, or any time thereafter - assuming that the oath has not been fulfilled). Each improvement/fate point is traded on a one for one basis (so trading 2 improvement points and 1 fate point gives the player a pool of 3 oath points), though no character may accumulate more than 3 oath points for a particular oath at any one time.

Note that in most cases improvement/fate points should be converted into oath points well in advance of them being used as such (usually at the beginning of a game session), and that a character with a store of fate points, for example, cannot spontaneously convert them into oath points at a moments notice.

next up ... Using Oath Points

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  1. Note that I'll probably be splitting the articles up into the following posts over the next few days (which should give me plenty of time to tidy up my notes):

    Taking an Oath
    Using Oath Points
    Fulfilling an Oath
    Breaking an Oath
    Multiple Oaths

  2. Oh, you're just teasing us now! (I never previously realised it was possible to leave rules on a cliffhanger...) :-)