Monday 20 February 2012

Swearing Oaths in the Age of Shadow

Over the next week or so I was thinking of posting my notes for some experimental (and purely optional) rules for the Age of Shadow RPG.

The rules themselves concern the taking and breaking of oaths, and attempt to put a simple (and reasonably sensible) game mechanic behind them - thus allowing characters to be a little more effective when pursuing their ultimate goal(s) (though this will not be without cost) ...and maybe even inspire a few moments of great roleplaying.

Sound interesting?


  1. Sounds good, it's always bothered me that in some RPG's it's relativley easy to simply bypass or break from a quest without penalty, or that a quest is just taken for the potential to gain XP/Gold/etc, without any kind of ideology behind it. I'm looking forward to seeing this!



  2. It's also always bothered me a little that your character might have been building up to something the entire campaign and then you step into the spotlight to perform that task you swore to do ...and then (thanks to the dice gods) fumble your roll, and end up looking like a total idiot. With the inclusion of the oath rules this kind of thing should be less likely to happen.