Monday 23 July 2012

2012 Map-a-Monday (week 30)

As I mentioned a couple of weeks ago, this map will be the last 'self-contained' geomorph for a little while:

So, starting next week, I'll be posting 'cave corner' geomorphs on the blog - which will enable you to mix things up a little and put together larger caverns. They'll be exactly the same size as the one above, but each geomorph will depict either a top-right, bottom-right, top-left, or bottom-left corner of a cave/cavern, and, as such, you'll need to put four of them together to make a complete map (see the post 3 below this one for an example of their layout).

Unfortunately this will mean that you'll have to wait four weeks to get the first four tiles, but in the long run, I think the added diversity will be worth the wait.

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