Wednesday 18 July 2012

MegaDungeon Lvl 1

Remember this from a couple of weeks ago:

...well here's a sneak peek at the rest of the dungeon:

This is a little project that I've been working on for the last couple of weeks - and it is something that I'm hoping to have available for sale by the end of the month (with any luck).

For those of you who are already familiar with the 'Little Book of Dungeons' range, you'll probably notice that I'm heading in a slightly different direction with this next one (though admittedly not by all that much) - with the download including all of the following:

A pdf booklet that contains an overview map of the entire dungeon level, followed by a more detailed (colour) map of each of the 29 different sections of the dungeon. At the end of the pdf will also be a couple of 'player handout' style map fragments (complete with errors) - perhaps drawn by previous adventurers or obtained from ancient records.

A second pdf will also be included in the download price, which will contain all of the above dungeon sections blown up to miniatures scale - so that they can be used as impromptu battlemats (should they be required as such).

And finally, each of the dungeon sections will also be supplied as separate jpg images - so that they can be used with VTTs (virtual tabletops) or imported into whatever kind of document the GM desires (note that I'm planning on supplying both 'numbered' and 'unnumbered' versions of each map where applicable).

So, hopefully that sounds like a handy little product /resource to help the time-strapped GM get a party of adventurers down into a dungeon (and if it proves to be popular, then of course level 2 will be following along in the near future).

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