Wednesday 4 July 2012

Crooked Staff 'Publishing' is one year old!

Wow, this one nearly slipped by without a mention ...but last Sunday (1st July) saw the one year anniversary of the first CSP commercial product, and the launch of Crooked Staff Publishing!

So to celebrate, I think it's only right to hold a bit of a sale you can now get the three books of the Age of Shadow collection for just $2.99, and all four of the Little Book of Dungeons booklets for $2.99.

(note that the offer will run until the end of the month)

Regarding folks who've already purchased the AoS campaign guide and would just like to get the map-pack at the sale price:

I have sent out discount e-mails through DriveThruRPG so that you can just grab just the 'East Eyrie map-pack' part of the deal at the reduced cost ...but if you haven't received that e-mail (for example if you've selected to not to receive publisher e-mails in your account settings) then here's the link:


  1. Happy Anniversary! I just picked up your CSP Ann. special. Little Book of Dungeons looks like a great addition for my on line games.

  2. Thanks :) ...I hope they prove to be useful.

    Also, if you don't mind me asking, what (if any) virtual tabletop software are you using for your online games?

  3. I've used Fantasy Grounds 2 for years. Although with Google+ games going strong I think I'll have to get some time with Tabletop Forge and learn how to use it.