Sunday 2 September 2012

Age of Shadow wiki?

I've been playing around with THIS over the weekend.

Admittedly, there is not much information on there yet (as it will probably  take quite some time to get stuff added, and I'm still playing around with formatting, and deciding on what exactly I should add, etc.), but I thought I'd mention it, as I'm hoping that it will prove to be a useful tool once more stuff has been added.


  1. Yup, more stuff needs to be added from more fans.
    I see from the submission page, only your submission and mine (Shadows Elves, critical hit list, etc) have been added.
    Strange, I thought other people would have added their ideas as well.
    One other question: the crooked staff forum - no longer running?

    1. I agree that it would be awesome if folks had stuff to share on the wiki ...but as you say, apart from yourself, there hasn't been much activity there as of yet.

      However, I'm hoping that the wiki is proving to be useful to a few folks out there nonetheless (now that all of the spells/skills/monsters have been added).

      Also - the forum should still be working (though admittedly, it's never been all that busy) ...actually, I'll send you a PM via the forum in a little while ...just to get your opinion on something ;)