Tuesday 11 September 2012

Into the Wilderness...

I'm pleased to announce a new map, and with it a new product line...

Into the Wilderness: Map 1 is the first in a series of map packs that leaves the dungeon setting in favour of (you guessed it) various wilderness locations.

This first map features a simple ruin in a forest clearing, and is provided in the following formats:

A pdf booklet containing three versions of the map; one with a square grid overlay, one with a hex grid overlay, and one with no grid overlay at all.


Each map (i.e. the square grid, hex grid, and gridless version) is also provided as a jpg image optimised for use with virtual tabletops.


In addition, all three versions are supplied as multi-page, miniatures scale, pdfs - so that they can also be used as impromptu battle-mats.


All for just $1.50 over on RPGNow & DriveThruRPG



  1. Looks good! Already in my cart. What I often look for (and don't find) are maps of heavily forested terrain. Once your PC venture through the woods and meet a goblin patrol along the way, you quickly are out of maps. Seems like encounters are assumed to happen on clearing or some grasland/forest hybrid.

  2. Thanks :)

    I'm definitely going to be doing more of this type of thing in the future (in fact I hope to have another one finished by the end of the month), so hopefully that will give folks like yourself a bit more variety to choose from (though it will obviously be a little while before I manage to get a whole range of different areas/maps done).

    Anyway, I hope you like them :)

  3. I was somewhat confused over the descriptions, in particular the note that says "the battlemaps are not intended to be comparable to high-resolution dungeon tiles". This was enough for me to question the purchase of the product but I took the chance and found that the image resolution was 150dpi, 60dpi and 50dpi (I think) for the three formats.

    While 150dpi is acceptable (I would prefer 200dpi as a minimum) it's not that bad. It would have helped if the resolution were included in your description (here and on RPGnow).

    All the same, I was looking for something just like this and it fits the bill nicely. Shall get Map 2 as well and look forward to the other releases.

    1. Thanks for the comments (and apologies for any confusion).

      I have to admit that these maps were not designed primarily as miniatures scaled battlemats, and it is the (50 pixels per grid square) jpeg images (for use with VTTs - i.e. virtual tabletops), and the pdf booklet (for the GMs use - perhaps to print out and scribble notes upon) that are its main focus.

      As such the (miniatures scaled) battlemaps are just an added extra that I have included in each set - as they still look OK (and are perfectly usable) at 150dpi - though obviously not quite as good as something that has been designed specifically as a 300dpi battlemat from the outset (hence the whole 'not comparable to high-resolution dungeon tiles' disclaimer).

      So as you can see, I'm basically trying to offer as much as I can for the $1.50 price tag - so that no matter how folks play their games (i.e. via the internet on a VTT, or with miniatures around the dinner table, or with the only map of the encounter area being the one the GM has in his/her notes), there should be something in the map-pack that they can use (or at least, that's what I'm hoping ;) ).

      Anyway, thanks again for the comments, and thanks for purchasing the booklet ...I hope you (and your players) get some good use out of it :)