Wednesday 22 January 2014

Dungeon Monthly (January 2014)

As regular followers of the blog will already know, during 2013 I set myself the task of drawing  a small (geomorph-style) dungeon map each and every month, and posted the results here on the blog (note that more information about the 'dungeon-monthly' project can be found HERE).

Well, I'm hoping that a few folks will be pleased to know that I've decided to attempt a similar thing in 2014 ...and once again, the aim is to have all of the maps join together to form a huge dungeon level by the end of the year (though their semi-modular nature will mean that they will also be compatible with my previous geomorphs from 2011 & 2012).

So, if we consider last year's dungeon to be 'level 1' of the dungeon's the first map of level 2 (note that the stairs from this map line up with the stairs on the final map of 2013).

And, if you'd like unlabelled versions of any of the 'dungeon-monthly' maps (for VTTs etc.) you can find them in the following albums:

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