Tuesday 14 January 2014

A Quick Look at Purple Mountain

As some of you will already know, as well as working on my own projects (for CSP), I also do a lot of maps for the guys over at Purple Duck Games.

One of the projects I've been working on is their 'Purple Mountain' mega-dungeon (for the Pathfinder system) ...which should span 20 levels when finished (though each level can also be used as a standalone adventure if you prefer to use them that way).

- The latest Installment of Purple Mountain -

Anyway, I thought I would post a (very) small picture of all the maps from the first five levels of the dungeon...

...yep, that's just one quarter of the finished dungeon, and as you can see that's definitely more than 5 maps - as some of these 'levels' have several sub-levels of their own, or need to be split over multiple pages.

As of now, the first six levels are available from PDGs RPGNow storefront (which you can find HERE), and so far they seem to have received pretty good reviews (and no one has complained about the maps - which is a relief on my part :) ).

* * *

Oh... and I'll also point out that I provide companion (blown-up to miniatures scale) battle-map versions of all these maps through my own RPGNow storefront ...though these are not meant to be comparable to high-res dungeon tiles ...but they are perfectly serviceable if you just want to print out a couple of the key areas (using the draft/ink-saving quality of your printer) of each adventure.

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