Tuesday 22 July 2014

Quick & Easy Wargaming/RPG Roads

If you've been following my series of cheap terrain tips (for making hedges, trees, and bushes), then here's another quick tutorial that'll show you how to make a bunch of simple road sections in no time at all.

Note that the pictures that follow have come out a little darker than I would like, but they should give you a good idea of the procedure nonetheless.

Anyway ...on with the tutorial...

* * *


  • A Vinyl floor tile with a self-adhesive back (I got a pack of four at these for £1 in my local 'Poundland' store).
  • Some gravel (I picked up a 1kg bag of bird grit for £1 at my lock Wilko store)
  • Some fine sand (I picked up a 1kg bag of bird sand for £1 at my lock Wilko store)
  • A cheap tin of (waterbased) wood stain (I'm using my usual 'medium oak' colour).
  • A sharp knife & a steel rule.
 * * *


Using the knife and steel rule, cut the floor tile into the shapes you desire.

In this instance, I've decided on a with of 4" for my roads (this is mostly due to the fact that the tiles are 12" square - so I've simply cut them into three equal pieces), and I'm also including a couple of angled pieces so that I can do arrangements like this:

* * *


Flip the tiles over and remove the paper backing. Then sprinkle a few bits of gravel/grit over each piece, followed by a generous covering of sand.

Once you have shaken off the excess, you should be left with something like this:

(don't worry about there not being a lot of sand on the pieces )

* * * 


Now all that's left to do is cover each piece with a copious amount of woodstain (letting it pool in several areas)...

...and leave it all to dry.

* * *

And that's pretty much all there is to it!

The woodstain should not only stain each piece a nice brown colour (leaving a slightly shiny 'muddy' look where it has pooled) but it will also lock all of the sand and grit in place - making it a lot more durable.

Now, admittedly, these pieces don't look like anything special if you use them on their own - but if you combine them with some of the hedges that I made a while back, they should be more than adequate for the tabletop :)


  1. Very nice tutorial, Wilko is rapidly becoming my favourite 'hobby' store.

    1. I have to admit that Wilko's & Poundland are proving to be great for this kind of stuff ...and even that ploughed field you can see on the top right of the picture is nothing more than a 88p doormat (from Wilko's) that's been cut up into a 12" square.

  2. Very nice and very simple to do thanks for this!

  3. These look very cool, so easy and a great result. Thanks for the tip!