Sunday 20 July 2014

Purple Duck Games have been nominated for an ENnie!

Now I know that my part in this product was rather minimal (as I only provided a couple of maps for the booklet), but I'm really exited to see that FT0 Prince Charming Reanimator (a pay-what-you-want adventure for DCC) has been nominated in the Best Electronic Book category at this year's GenCon EN-World RPG Awards!

So, if you're a fan of the DCC (dungeon crawl classics) system, why not check out the adventure for free (and perhaps go back and pay a couple of dollars for the booklet at a later date if you feel so inclined) ...and if it chances that you really like the adventure, I'm sure the guys over at Purple Duck Games would appreciate your vote!

Note that you can vote for FT0 Prince Charming Reanimator (or indeed any other product that you think is deserving of your vote) on THIS webpage.

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