Tuesday 17 November 2015

Another Patreon Funded Geomorph

It appears that I've been selected to be part of a Patreon trial group - which displays how much I'm expected to receive at the end of each month (i.e. after fees and the like), rather than the amount that people are actually pledging.

As a result, when I'm logged in it shows that I haven't reached my first milestone ...but when I'm logged out it shows that I have.

So, regardless of how Patreon is currently displaying/calculating things, I'm considering my first milestone met ...and that means another free geomorph for everyone...

As is usual, I'd like to thank the guys supporting me over on Patreon (as I'm truly amazed that folks are spurring me on to create more of these free maps and geomorphs), and say that I've started to collect all of these bonus maps together in THIS ALBUM for easy downloading/viewing.

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