Saturday 20 January 2018

The 2.5D Dungeon (revisited)

A couple of years back I posted a few pictures of some of the 2.5D dungeon pieces I made (based on DM Scotty's 2.5D system, but with a slight twist), both here and on various forums etc.

In response to those pics (and the brief instructions that accompanied them), several people got in touch to ask if I had any plans to create a few videos to accompany them.

Well, at the time I had no means of doing so (plus the whole idea of appearing in videos was/is a little daunting to be honest) ...but I've since inherited a 'hand me down' digital camera* that can just about manage 720p videos - plus I've also managed to cobble together a working microphone* from some of my old band equipment ...and so I thought I would give it a try :)

Anyway, to begin with, I'll be going over the basics again - before eventually moving on to some newer stuff ...including a few sci-fi pieces!

So, feel free to check out the channel (and follow along if that kind of thing is of interest) ...and lets see where this new adventure goes (and yeah ...I'm already working on growing a thicker skin in anticipation of the YouTube comments section :) ).

*note that if the videos attract a reasonable following I'll be investing in some slightly better equipment ...but for now, I'm going to struggle on with what I've got.


  1. Hey! I love this stuff — it's my first foray into making actual tiles rather than drawing on dry erase, and I love it. What do you do for caverns and the like vs more traditional dungeons?

    1. I have been working on some cave/cavern prototypes (though I've only made a few pieces yet) - and it's one of the things I hope to get around to in a future video (once I've got a better idea of what I'm doing).

      But I'll be concentrating on the 'dungeon' setting for a while yet (rather than swapping back and forth between dungeons, caves, building interiors, sci-fi tiles, etc.) - just so that I have one type of environment covered reasonably well, before moving on to the next.

      Or at least, that's the plan :)

    2. That makes sense — I'm looking forward to it, and thanks for all the really great ideas.

    3. No problem. Glad you're enjoying them! :)