Monday 21 August 2023

Catching up...

It's been a while since my last post - so I thought I'd take the time to run through a few things that I've managed to get done over the last month or so.

* * *

OK then - the first thing I want to mention is two new 'print & paste' videos... which, I make a bunch of ruins that end up looking something like this:

And, I have to say that, I'm quite pleased with how they've turned out - though I did resist the urge to try and draw vegetation growing up the sides - as I want them to be as versatile as possible. For example, while I'll likely be using them in fantasy settings for the most part (I could probably use them as Osgiliath ruins too... if I ever manage to paint up some of my LotR models) - I also wanted to have them be capable of maybe representing a bombed out World War II building... or possibly even 40K ruins (though for the latter, I might need to make a few sci-fi accent pieces to make them look a bit more suitable for that particular setting).

And while I'm talking about terrain... I've also been putting a few bits and pieces together for the Rangers of Shadow Deep game that I've been playing with my brother.

However - these are bits and pieces that have usually been cobbled together in a bit of a hurry (just to get something to the table) - and have included things like...

1) Making some clue markers from my existing crate textures:

2) Creating some house interiors for some of the small buildings that I've made (these go under the building itself, and I just remove the building to reveal the tile beneath when they are entered):

3) I've also dabbled with making a few different kinds of trees (you might have seen these at the end of the first 'ruins' video):

4) For one of the missions/scenarios I also needed some 'nest trees' - so I converted some trees I made several years ago here on the blog - just by using some of that cheap Halloween cobweb stuff to give them a suitable look (I also made a few flame markers to show which ones have been set ablaze).

5) These next pieces were very rushed - but by using a similar technique to that of the marsh video, I was able to put together a couple of passable river tiles...

...which worked well enough for the 'bridge guards' scenario pictured below:

6) For that same scenario I also needed to put together a small camp of sorts (I think the crude tent has some potential, and it might be worth seeing if I can do something more with it - like a little 'adventurers camp' video maybe) :

7) Now, when I was making the ruin textures, I was thinking ahead a little bit, and made them so that the plain wall can also be cut into 3 parts... essentially making three separate 1" high wall sections. And, the reason for this was so that I could also use them to make some 'half-high' dungeon walls - if that makes sense. Basically, something that's still not quite 3D - but taller than the usual 2.5D stuff - here's a picture that explains it a bit better...

...and using those, I was able to put together a quick map to represent the tower of Tor Varden (upper and lower levels):
8) And, for the keen eyed among you, I did (again, very quickly) put together something to represent the huge pile of wood for the beacon fire...
...and while I'm not very happy with how it turned out (I think if I am to revisit it for a video, I'll make it smaller, and more cube shaped), it did the job, and allowed us to play the scenario :)
9) Miniatures... I've also been painting a lot of mini's for 'Rangers' ...but since this post is getting quite long, I'll save that for another time.
* * *
Anyway, I don't know if any of this has been of interest, but I thought I'd share what I've been up to - because some of this stuff might make it into future videos at some point (for example, with a bit of tweaking, the textures I made for the wood pile might actually make for a nice little raft) - plus it's nice to collect all these pictures into one place (rather than have them being scattered here and there on the various social media sites).

But yeah - that's it for this entry... with any luck I'll have some pictures of the mini's I've got painted up later this week (and I'll maybe list some of the paint recipes I used to get them done quickly - that is, if anyone would be interested in that kind of thing :) ).

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