Sunday 14 February 2016

One Mini Every Week #7

Since I've been without an internet connection for the past couple of days (and thus, had fewer distractions than normal), this week I've managed to get two miniatures painted as part of my 'one mini every week' challenge.

These two are plastic ghouls from Mantic Games (though, like the skeletons I painted previously, these come from the Frostgrave 'undead encounters' set I purchased a little while back) ...and one the whole they are very nice miniatures.

However, the only negative thing I have to say about them is that their fingers are very thin/fragile ...and due to my package being slightly squashed in the post, one hand on each of these had damaged fingers.

Luckily, the sprue also comes with replacement hands (clutching weapons) - and so I was able to swap out the damaged ones for the ones you can see here :)

(Oh ...and just in case anyone was wondering, I'll be using these guys to represent 'gaunts' from the 'Encounters in the Northlands' booklet.)

* * *

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  1. The Mantic Games figures are quite good (I have quite a number myself). The Gaunt description (P49) says 'sickly grey/green skin', although the ones above appear pink/grey? Is it just the lighting? Can Gaunts handle weapons? If so, what skill % would you give them?

    1. Regarding weapons... I didn't plan on using the weapons hands - but like I say, some of the fingers were broke on the miniatures when they arrived, so I had no other option :(

      Regarding the colour... I actually have 4 of these (though I've only painted 2 so far), and I'm planning on painting them all slightly different (muted) colours - just so that I can distinguish them better on the battlemat (i.e. it'll make keeping track of their HP easier, and so on).

  2. They look great. I like the crouching stance. Lurking in the shadows, about to leap into action.

    1. Thanks. I agree that they are very nice minis (fragile fingers aside).